Our volunteers play a major role in the development of our community’s awareness and educational programs. In a solidary travel that includes volunteering, you will be supporting little NGOs like ours, with skills or revenues, in order to help their projects to get ahead. Collaboration is the essence of the travel: travellers become a part of the projects and help in the day-to-day life, in tasks such as school reinforcement, leisure activities, teaching foreign languages. You can also suggest activities and offer your knowledge for a one-time project. That involves getting to know the social problematic to which the NGO aims for responding. The minimum duration of the volunteering so that the help provided has a tangible impact is two weeks, and the volunteering time can be combined with cultural travels. These trips support the NGO to be sustainable in the medium and long term, as well as to create their projects. The volunteer lives together with a local family or with the founders of the NGO, which implicates a complete immersion in the culture and language. Constant learning, friendship, collaboration, solidarity, coexistence, exchange of ideas and skills, are the main values that we aim to promote with these kind of experience.

We are looking forward to welcoming more volunteers who come from different countries, bringing different cultures to share with the kids as well as their knowledge and experience.

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