SAFTEP's Mission

What we are all about

Seagull association strives to enrich the cultural exchange movement in Morocco with people from all around the globe. Through our volunteering and hosting programs, we work to open lines of communications to promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance in our community. This program allows us to also provide our young members with intercultural experiences that help them learn more about the world, view current issues from a different perspective, and create a safe environment where it is okay to ask questions and discuss what is considered to be foreign, overcoming fear and hatred.

We also aspire to help our youth with their personal and educational development by offering language, arts and IT classes. We believe that planting the seeds of curiosity, knowledge seeking, productivity and creativity at a young age is the best way to build an action-driven generation that is always trying to make the world a better place and therefore be the change we want to see in the world.


Passionately committed to helping the community, and building tolerance, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come

Youness Chatate

Founder and President

A self-starter who does not know how to quit, Youness, with a passion for meeting people from around the world, he pushed himself to learn English on his own and add it to his belt of already 4 spoken languages (Arabic, French, German, and Berber), with more than 8 years experience, he decided to start his own non profit which he now runs. He is also a lover of sports and has participated and won many triathlon championships, and currently holds a black belt in Karate.

María Doncel

Content Writer

A wordsmith with a sharp mind, extremely detail oriented and brings joy to every group of people she joins through her incredible social skills. And while she enjoys adventures and discovering hidden gems, she wishes one day to settle down in and manage her own animal sanctuary. She is currently supporting the seagull team with all external logistical communications, and she is the first point of contact for clients.

Soufiane Salla


An IT wizard, with unlimited hunger to learn, and the dedication to do it on his own. Soufiane was bitten by the technology bug at an early age where he built his own computer from scratch at the age of 14 and continued to learn every aspect of technology until he became an IT teacher with one of the biggest schools in the region, now he manages all of SAFTEP IT infrastructure, helps streamline projects, and teaches IT classes for kids in the organization.

Hamza Ennajah


Hamza’s passion made him a social economical contributor for small businesses and organizations. He offers voluntary services to help NGOs develop their financial system. Hamza is an administrative advisor who dedicates most of his time to deepen his knowledge in the field of accounting and business and add it to his experience of 5 years in the field.

Nassime Ihsane Sadik

Founder & Orientation Advisor

is an active member of the civil society. With more than then years experience in the field of cultural exchange and volunteeering with Chantiers Sociaux du Maroc (CSM), Morocco exchange, CCCL and I like, you, Tours, he decided to set up Moroccan NGO with Youness Chatate in order to promote cultural exchange and social volunteering in Sale. PhD holder and high ranked civil servant, he is willing to offer his academic background and professional experience in the service of the Moroccan community.

Ayoub Azzab

Event Manager

Whenever you look for Ayoub you will find him fiddling with the Gumbri, or warming up his drums. He is an incredibly fast learner with a musical ear that can pick rhythms and reproduce them on the spot, it even became a common inside joke to say that he won the national ping pong championship because of his musical ears. Ayoub is currently working with our organization for more than two years supporting our projects in various indispensable ways.

Hatim Jaffar

Arts Project Manager

When you first meet Hatim, you notice all the various colors covering him, as you rarely see him without a brush in his hand, or on a stand contemplating a painting at the making. With his artistic eyes and incredible expertise in design with various international companies, Hatim has been of incredible value in leading the redesign of our workspace, as well as all graphics, at the same time, he teaches painting classes to kids to help them nurture their artistic spirit.

Leila Obich

Administrative Advisor

Leila is the youngest member of Seagull Association, though she has a high quality of social work and her skills and methods of teaching kids are of a high value as she proved the effectivity of her work by excellent results. Beside that Leila’s desire to learn and never stop learning is a great motto. Laila achieved a great amount of success since she started volunteering with different organizations till she became a part of Seagull Association.

Amel Belmadani

Technical Advisor

Amel started singing at an early age when her friends encouraged her to learn english and pursuit her career to become a professional singer. Her passion increased immensely and her motivation to produce made her master music and singing rules. Her.participation in cultural exchange programs made her discover new communication skills through her interaction with people from different countries which gave her a strong personality and the courage to learn more languages.

Mohamed Amine Moh

Project coordinator

“My shelter is Music and Theatre is my psychologist” says Amine. With his guitar Amine travels to many countries, playing and singing in different languages. His tendency towards theatre, cinema and music makes him an artist with great diversity of skills. Going on solo trips all around Morocco made him a great social citizen. During the last 10 years, Amine got to raise his level in music competences that have made him able to compose and write his own songs.

Mohammed Affane

Social Media Marketer

Mohammed has a great quality of teamwork, with a cup of coffee on the desk he spends most of his time working on the computer while helping the others whenever they ask. His immense curiosity made him discover the world of graphic design as he enjoys making videos for his personal matters and also for our projects. Mohammed has a bachelor in Law and he is now into the world of technology learning as much as possible every single day.