Ramadan, a month of charity.


In the occasion of Ramadan, the members decided to do some sort of charity work, and what is better than visiting the elderly and bringing joy into their hearts?

Our destination was the elderly house in Bouknadel. We went there to learn more about the place and ask about their most urgent needs. The staff handed us a list containing some food and hygiene items which we were happy to deliver for them later.

In the few days after our initial exploratory visit to the elderly house, we started a two weeks fundraiser which didn’t disappoint.  Many people, volunteered their time, donated items from the list, and gave money to help with the event. 

On the day of the event, everyone met at the association’s headquarters, we had a minibus ready to take members and volunteers to the center, and also a school bus for the donations collected. 


Upon arriving at the elderly house in Bouknadel, everyone started working, carrying the food and hygiene materials from the school bus to the centers’ kitchen. Once that was done, we split into two groups, one group prepared the Iftar meal in the kitchen, and the other sat with the elders to keep them company on that special day.

Everyone worked very hard in the kitchen, we had to prepare three iftar meals, one for the non-fasting elders, one for the fasting elders and the last one for the centers’ staff. It was really our pleasure to do it, to give the staff a rest and for us to get a chance to eat with the residents on that lovely occasion. 

All members and volunteers assigned to the kitchen were working hard, from the moment they got into the kitchen, until the moment they left it squeaky clean.

Meanwhile, the team in the living room with the elders was very active and communicative. Members and volunteers, including kids,  were all sitting with the center’s men and women living in the center, laughing, embracing one another, and discussing a variety of subjects. 

After having the  Iftar meal, we all moved to the living room to perform and entertain the residents with the music that we all love at the association, Gnawa music.

Gladly, everyone loved it and appreciated what we do. And surprisingly every single old lady and old man started dancing and clapping with the music. 

The joy and happiness in their eyes made all the hard work really worth it. In the end, they didn’t want us to leave and kept asking for more music and dancing, and we, as usual, we’re happy to comply. 

The event was extremely heartwarming, for how everyone collaborated and worked so hard, from bus drivers, kids, and parent, who gave whatever they could such as money, effort and time to make the elders happy and joyful on that special day.