We offer a variety of services to our members and partners including


We organize customized cultural trips around Morocco. Cultural travelling means to immerse oneself and live first-hand the culture of the country; instead of staying in the role of the temporary tourist, we will be participating in the local life and emphasizing the cultural experience: getting to know the traditions, customs, religion, mindset, arts and craftworks.


We host and assist international university students who are looking for study abroad opportunities and help them do field research in their subject matter by providing translators, contacts of people to interview, and logistics to ensure a successful in-person learning experience.


We believe that an honest and open discussion provides more perspective and understanding, rather than burying our heads in the sand and avoid tough topics. That is why we bring people from all backgrounds together to discuss contentious topics such as Religion, Politics and Women rights.


Through our technology literacy programs, we help people of all ages and levels of education to use technology to help them in their daily life. We also offer advanced classes for students who are interested in systems and database administration, web development, and programming languages.


We provide classes in Dareeja (Moroccan Arabic) and Fussha (classic Arabic) for our volunteers, as well as English, French, and German for various educational levels and ages. The volunteers play a major role in this aspect, by providing foreign languages classes when possible, in such a way that the language exchange occurs in both directions.


Our young members enjoy learning artistic skills in our colorful and calm atmosphere. We also offer classes in music that focus mainly on classical guitar and Moroccan instruments such as Gembri and Tam Tam to preserve this essential aspect of the culture.


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Volunteers hosted


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What are our previous volunteers are saying about us

I and my sister participated as volunteers in the Seagull Association for ten days, and I have to tell that it has been one of the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences that I've ever had. All the team welcomed us lovingly and we quickly felt as if we were all family from the very first. We had the classes with the children in the mornings, in which each volunteer contributes with their skills or knowledge. Besides, they organized walks on the forest and some outdoor sports activities. It was so enjoyable, we felt like we were kids again. We found it surprising how we could manage to understand each other even if we didn’t speak the same language. There is nothing more enriching that recognizing that the differences lay only in the surface, and when we leave them behind, we are all part of common ground.

Maria Doncel

During the week, the association organised for us an unforgettable trip to ChefChaouen and Akchour. Every day we learned about cultures and languages, it was a truly beautiful exchange experience. We had the opportunity to practise English, French, even some German, and learn Dariya -moroccan arabic- but not only that, the most remarkable thing for me is the deep human connection that we get from volunteering abroad with such amazing group of people. We feel really grateful for the experience, and we are willing to come back. Of course, I totally encourage everyone to contribute with a little grain of sand in the association. Wishing you the best, Azu & Maria

Azucena Doncel

I spent 18 days at seagull association and it was a really good experience. The kids are so kind and lovely, and Youness, Amel and all the people who participate in this project are awesome. I really enjoyed my days there and I will be back for sure!

Vega Martín Ojeda


Seagull is an association that promotes cultural exchange and peace in a really profound and beautiful way. I totally recommend them. There you can hear stories about Morocco, learn new words to speak different languages, hear new music rhythms such as Gnawa, taste new flavors of food, appreciate wonderful landscapes, tell curious children how is your home country and make lots of good memories!  شكرا بالزاف

Cássia Queiroz


Fue maravilloso, desde el primer día pude integrarme al equipo,formé parte de el en mil formas,me ayudaron a perfeccionar mi inglés y aprendí algo de alemán.

Un ambiente muy relajado,amistoso y musical. 

Excelentes personas y amigos ahora por el resto de mi vida 🖤

Volveré pronto ya que dejé una nueva familia y un deseo de volver para convivir con los niños tan maravillosos de Sale. Viva Marruecos 🇲🇦

Tayde Guadalupe


A warm association 💕 Left me great experience and unforgettable precious memories.

Lynne Xu


I've been to Morocco twice and had the honour to live, eat, travel and make unforgettable experiences with the SAFTEP guys.
From the first minute we were laughing a lot, they're well educated people doing everything to share the Moroccan cultur and North African history with you by guiding you to beautiful places only known by natives.

As he is a prosessional athlete, Youness provides profound knowledge of sports and will get you in shape - in the case of being exhausted after a huge beach workout he is the last one refusing to share a Tajine with his pupils. 😉

I can highly recommend visiting SAFTEP, it's not just an association but a big family and I'm glad to be a part of it!

Richard Petrovic